Welcome to Hovtek.


Hovtek is a brand new company bringing innovative new Hovercraft to the market.


Our Hovercraft are unlike any other craft currently on the market.  They are quiet, economical, easy to operate and, above all, comfortable.


We have three basic models under development:

  • Otter 4 Leisure: a family-sized craft designed for comfortable recreational cruising - explore all these impossible-to-reach places in comfort.
  • Search and Rescue: has an innovative personal rescue pick up system which makes it easy to safely rescue people from fast flowing rivers, mud banks or the ocean without rescue personnel having to leave the craft.
  • Fishing/Hunting:  With a stand-up helm and side seating, this craft will take you places no boat could ever reach!  You can use the craft to fish, hunt or even harvest oysters or mussels in complete safety.

All of our craft feature the same basic hull and air drive systems - they have a record of providing robust performance and high reliability.

Specifications for the Otter 4 are HERE