Otter 4

 .... the 21st century Hovercraft!

Product Specification

Overall Size (on hover):

17ft x 7.8ft (5.1 x 2.7m)

Hull Size:

17ft x 7ft (5.1 x 2.1m)

Cushion size:

16ft x 7ft (4.9 x 2.2m)

Hover height (hard hull surface clearance)

10.5” (0.27m)

Maximum payload

325Kg (715lbs)

Cabin floor area (not incl. rear seat or under-dash)

8 x 4ft (2.4 x 1.5m)

Empty craft weight

223Kg (490lbs)





Top speed

37mph (60Km/h)

Economy cruise speed

21mph (34 Km/h)

Cushion pressure

8psf min., 12psf full load

Full load plane-out speed @ %power

11mph @ 90%

Maximum Thrust


Operational capability

Beaufort 3 – 4




  • Revolutionary CleanAir ™ thrust and lift intake paths combined with low tip speed impellers reduces noise levels to 71dBA@25m at full power. Large diameter, lightly loaded composite propeller gives high performance and low fuel consumption, making the Otter 4 the lowest noise, most efficient hovercraft available.

  • Displacement mode auxiliary drive system (optional) for use in noise sensitive areas (reduces craft noise level to 52dBA max. - below ambient in most locations).

  • Easy to use controls and instrumentation (steering wheel, rev counter, GPS speedometer, full marine-grade switchgear, throttle, an ignition switch with push-to-choke, lanyard and engine safety interlocks). GPS/chartplotter and Marine VHF radio are options. Power socket for additional devices.

  • Large capacity lockable splash proof storage compartment built into dashboard with ample additional storage areas under side bodies and hood.

  • Toughened glass windscreen with full wash/wipe and demist.

  • Twin compartment air cushion reduces sensitivity to changes in loading or changes in thrust power. The forward compartment has controllable pressure to aid in turning and stopping. Other hovercraft use inefficient elevators or require the pilot and passengers to move around to get the craft to properly trim (or even to get it to turn!). The dual compartment cushion also totally eliminates the dangerous “plough-in” problem inherent in virtually all other small hovercraft.

  • The hull has inherent floatation making the craft highly stable when floating (it makes a superb fishing or diving platform - the skirt reduces rolling and pitching in chop).

  • No-spray front cushion compartment has a foot-operated brake (controlling compartment pressure) to aid turning and stopping. The Otter is more manoeuvrable and easier to drive than any other craft (no leaning or weight shifting required to maintain control).

  • Foot brake safety interlock to prevent accidental engine start.

  • Removable 22litre marine approved fuel tank with inbuilt fuel gauge for easy and safe refuelling (a quick release fuel line connector is fitted for easy tank swaps on longer trips).

  • High performance, low maintenance, low-pressure loop skirt – maintainable without lifting hull.

  • Unlike other small hovercraft, the Otter is designed specifically to handle occasional hull wave strikes safely – it’s high bow and stern provide excellent rough water and rough terrain capability.

  • The hull is constructed using advanced core composites (zoned densities) making it incredibly tough and resilient to knocks and bumps (unlike conventional GRP moulded craft). The core material also provides all of the required floatation capacity – no additional floatation foam is needed.

  • Completely flat interior floor (2.4 x 1.5m) for maximum load flexibility (craft can comfortably sleep two adults on a camping trip - no tent required!).

  • Comfortable, air suspension, padded removable seats (no kneeling on a bench seat crouched over handlebars as with most other hovercraft!) for pilot and front passenger with a fixed rear bench seat (all seating is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort)

  • Single engine design gives low running costs, highest reliability, and easiest operation (fuel consumption is around 5l/hour at cruise speed )

  • Fully enclosed low maintenance engine and transmission systems (maintenance can be carried out by any competent lawnmower or agricultural service centre). The engine has electrically operated choke and a 100 hour/annual engine service schedule (oil/filter and transmission check).

  • Easy-fit full hood for all weather operation (hood stows inside craft).

  • Inverted Y rudders provide roll correction during cornering.

  • Designed and built to comply with all International boat construction and operation standards (including the EU Recreational Craft Directive and UK MCA MGN280 (commercial operation Category 5 or 6).